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re: Fleet Poacher Caught In Action.


[9/30 6:42] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: Hey.. Noticed your in a dead fleet with only 3 others online .. Insead of poaching members from other fleets- how would you like to join one thats EXTREMELY active and populated


[9/30 6:42] [Tell] Kuvok@darthvaio: excuse me?


[9/30 6:43] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: yep.. A fleet mate you just approached showed me the PM yo usent them .. asking about thier status .. you tied to get them to join you


[9/30 6:43] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio:


[9/30 6:43] [Tell] Kuvok@darthvaio: most people come to us and we are very active strong and happy


[9/30 6:43] [Tell] Kuvok@darthvaio: so?


[9/30 6:43] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: im sorry.. no need to lie here.. i see its only you , serocutis , ian and glen online.


[9/30 6:44] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: how about giving up the shady poaching business huh? and come join a fleet that dont make you poach ?


[9/30 6:44] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: It's terrible to know that even you underhanded tricks -- and all that-- your fleet still dead and unpopulated.


[9/30 6:45] [Tell] Kuvok@darthvaio: right now yes only us. i wouldnt be apart of something so juvinelle


[9/30 6:45] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio:


[9/30 6:45] [Tell] Deamon@mrb00mb4stic#3296: So if i wanted to heal a friendly target... would it be possible with Engineering Team 1


[9/30 6:45] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: there is the proof.


[9/30 6:45] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: llook at the link.. its how i got your name to PM you


[9/30 6:45] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio:


[9/30 6:46] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: your caught red handed lying over and over.. so plz.. work hard, play hard... but stop with the lazy tricks


[9/30 6:46] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: your fleet is as dead as your poaching ... nobody wants to join your fleet hahahah


[9/30 6:46] [Tell] Kuvok@darthvaio: good luck dude


[9/30 6:47] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: no need for luck here.. I put honest hard work into my fleet.


[9/30 6:47] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: 20 online right now...


[9/30 6:49] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: make that 21.. here is proof


[9/30 6:49] [Tell] To Kuvok@darthvaio: now, plz... PM my fleet mate back and aplogize for insulting them with your terrible manners....


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