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re: Console Shortcuts " Binds " USE AT YOUR OWN RISK


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‘Short’ list of known Console Commands in STO and examples of their usage. (Working as of Delta Rising’s Launch, 10/14/2014)

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Since the public knowledge of these commands and their potential uses apparently don’t bother the developers of the game… (

Here is a list of several ‘known working’ console commands in-game (WORKING AS OF DELTA RISING’S LAUNCH), Some examples, commentary, and Tips on how to learn more.

I take no responsibility for what you/anyone do/does, Or do not do/does with this information.

Useful Commands:

  • /GenAddWindow – Add a window onto the screen
  • /GenRemoveWindow – Remove a window from the screen
  • /GenSendMessage – Send a message to a gen
  • /GenSetValue – Set a number in a gen
  • /GenSetString – Change a string in a gen
  • /GenSetState – Set a UI state
  • /GenSetGlobalState – Set a global UI state by id
  • /GenSetGlobalStateName – Set global UI state by name
  • /GenButtonClick – Click an active button in a gen
  • /GenSetText – Set text in a gen
  • /GenSetDataItem – Unknown
  • /GenSliderSetNotch – Unknown

Useful Examples:

Near-Complete List of STO Gens and UI elements:

GenSendMessage/GenAddWindow can be used to show a particular UI element, Including area specific ones.

  • "/GenSendMessage Bank_Root Show" – Brings up the Player Bank Window
  • "/GenSendMessage Guildbank_Root Show" – Brings up the Fleet Bank Window
  • "/GenSendMessage Sharedbank_Root Show" – Brings up the Account Bank Window
  • "/GenSendMessage Daboui Show" – Brings up the Dabo Minigame Window
  • "/GenSendMessage Auction_Root Show" – Brings up the Exchange Window
  • "/GenSendMessage Shipchooser_Root Show – Brings up the Ship Selector Window
  • "/GenSendMessage Tailor_Root Show – Brings up the Player Tailor Window

GenButtonClick can be used to click an active (not greyed out) button in the given gen.

  • "/Genbuttonclick Dabo_Placebet_Button" – Clicks the Place Bet button in the Dabo UI
  • "/Genbuttonclick Auction_Buy_Top_Searchbutton" – Clicks the Search button in the Auction Window

GenSetValue can be used to edit any client-side numerical value in the game

  • [REDACTED] (Figure this out for yourself ;3)

Command Notes:

You can see syntax for each command by typing them in with no arguments.

Most of the inventory windows will only work properly when not in a mission/holding. (Usually only on the ground/in sector space)

Shipchoser only shows your current ship, and selected Shuttle, and can only be switched in between. (Kinda useless as of late…)

Ship/Player Tailor UI will let you modify outfits, but will not let you purchase them.

GenSetValue >CAN< be used to modify any and all client side number values, and ONLY Client Side ones. (Possibly Mini Game scores also)

"/GenSetGlobalState 0 1" loads a bunch of windows, then crashes the game

The commands can be keybound, but some of them don’t work properly when you add keypress modifiers (Mostly GenButtonClick)

"/GenAddWindow LoginWorldSelector_Root" Overlays the login map onto your current map clientside, If you survive the crash… (As seen in

Most of the gen names can be auto completed when typing them into the chat window

Seriously, what kind of moronic MMO developer leaves auto-complete on?…

Inventory Debug Window:

"/GenAddWindow Inventory_Debug_Root"

This opens up a version of the normal inventory window, with the ability to show hidden and unused inventory bags and currencies if correct IDs are specified

List of known Bag IDs:

  • Bank
  • Overflow
  • Crafting_Materials
  • Kit
  • Body
  • Shield
  • Devices
  • ActiveWeapon
  • Ship_ForeWeapons
  • Ship_AftWeapons
  • Ship_RightWeapons
  • Ship_LeftWeapons
  • Ship_Shields
  • Ship_Impulse_Engines
  • Ship_Warp_Engines
  • Ship_Singularity_Engines
  • Ship_Deflector
  • Ship_Deflector_Secondary
  • Ship_Tactical
  • Ship_Engineering
  • Ship_Devices
  • Ship_Hangar
  • Ship_TierBonus
  • Hidden_Item
  • Doff_Reserve
  • Doff_Active
  • Doff_Active_Ground
  • Doff_Active_Space
  • Doff_Brig
  • Doff_Passengers
  • Weapons
  • InactiveWeapons
  • Fake_Boff_Tray
  • Ship_Hull
  • Ship_Medical
  • Ship_PotentialOfficers
  • Personnel

List of Known Numeric IDs:

  • Resources
  • Diplomacy_Rank
  • StarfleetRank
  • XP
  • DXP
  • GPL
  • Dilithium
  • Dilithium_Ore
  • Dilithium_Bonuspool
  • Dilithium_Ore_Bonuspool
  • OfficerSkillPoint
  • OfficerSkillPointSpent
  • RespecSkills
  • SkillPoint
  • SkillPointSpent
  • Skillpoint_Bonuspool
  • Cxp_Bonuspool
  • Fleet_Mark
  • FleetMark_Bonuspool
  • Fleet_Credit
  • Fleet_Credit_Bonuspool
  • Repmark_Bonuspool
  • Romulan_Mark
  • Nukara_Mark
  • Omega_Mark
  • Undine_Mark
  • Voth_Mark
  • Guildbank_Tabs

Finding Out More:

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