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re: PvP in Star Trek Timelines - What are we doing?


Edit: July 4th - Added very low quality pictures taken with throw away cell phone.


With the new update 100% of the player base now has access to the PvP feature in Star Trek Timeline (STTL).


While starting out in PvP on STTL you may find it VERY helpful to head over to the "Change Battle Stations" button within your PvP match making section.


Here you will investigate your ship and what type of bonuses you ship can use.


Example is -- sry no screen capture yet so please humor me...  Example is the icon of a warp core. On some ships that icon will give a boost to one stat, let us say  "Accuracy" but on ANOTHER ship.. it may grant lets say "Attack". This ship's warp core shows me a boost to evasion. 

Warp Core Icon



Well you may notice how the icons, when clicked, within your change stations menu will come with a description - this is CRUCIAL info. This is where you will find out if your ship ability will produce a "TRIGGER" key word here is tigger.


Triangulate Phaser Arrays this one grants no status ( aka TRIGGER )

Risky Maneuver Grants Position Status ( Position Trigger )

CloakGrants Cloak Status ( Cloak Trigger )


Keep that info on the back burner in your mind and now move to a crew member -- and slot one in the correct way. What i mean by this is that each ship has special icons showing what type of crew members can be used there. Even though ANY crew can sit in ANY seat - matching the icons of the seat to the icons of the crew member is vry important.


Crew Seating


As you slot your crew - notice on the crew tile located on the selection pannel. Each crew that matches the seat will show the exact icon on the crew's upper right hand corner.  You will find that the same crew can be used in other stations on the same ship allowing you to move around your " Build " 


 crew Icons


So lets take a look at my ship.


4 Star Defiant


Im using the 4* defiant shown here -

i have 3 ship abilities.


One shows as "Triangulate Phaser Arrays" this boosts accuracy by 2. It takes 4 seconds to load up ( initialize period ) has a duration of 8 seconds and a cool down of 8 seconds.  so in other words - you get to click that ONCE every 20 seconds at most. 

the second ship ability i have shows " Risky Maneuver" this boosts evasion by 1 and grants position status to your ship... it has a 3 second warm up - 6 second duration, and 8 second cool down.  or in my head a 17 second max castability.   NOTE: below the "boosts evasion by 1" tool tip you see the "Grants position STATUS to your ship" ... 


well whats that? welllll that my friends is....THAT is a "TRIGGER" more on that in a second.... so recap - risky maneuver has +1 evasion and grants "positional" status


Now the third power my ship has is "Enguage Cloak" it boosts accuracy by 1 and "Grants cloak STATUS to your ship'


lets take a look at my crew.

in the first seat on the left it shows a command icon, so i have used a crew member that has that icon in its traits to activate "the good stuff" things like items that we grinded for to boost stats and the " Bonus Ability "


So in this command seat is the two star Section 31 Reed  -

His equipment bonus is active now b/c he matches icons - but your lvl and items change your stats from mine so i will skip on that - but add those to your ships base stats ... but you see his ability is called "Covert Strike" it boosts evasion by 2 and it has a 6 second warm up - a TWO second duration and a 8s cooldown. 

Covert Strike


But here you notice a "Bonus Ability" and you see the trigger is ( a damn picture we can hardly figure out -- but i did ) this picture means "Positional status" so when our ship enters this "Status" it will produce this BONUS ABILITY and in Section 31 Reed's ability --- +500% damage for 2 seconds.  


Note: The updated picture does not show the "trigger" status because it is lost in the resolution quality of the device im using to capture the image -- in the blue bar above the bonus ability on the left you can slightly see the word "Bonus Ability" -- on the FAR RIGHT of that color bar is the Icon of the trigger required to activate that bonus ability and the word TRIGGER.

Here is the same image captured while zoomed in and using inverted colors for higher visability

SO lets pause.  let's go find out...


"when will i know if "status" is active? "


you can... go play a test mission - some elite mission where you don't blow 'em up too fast --- and just click that ship ability and watch for that VERY picture to show up in the upper left corner JUST under your Shields And Hull picture... you will see it JUST under your Portrait ;)

here is a HORRIBLE blurry picture of the "positional" trigger while active

Positional Status Pip


Here is another picture. This is showing the "cloak status" and it is way more clear to see - 

Cloak Status Pip


SO - As you fly ... you see your normal crew ready and able to be clicked.. the shader has gone-- the light shine it up.. ya ya ya....  but NOW... hold it for a second :)  MAKE SURE to activate your "TRIGGER" then you will see something new !!!


here is a pic of my crew ready to go WITHOUT any of the required triggers to activate them - NOTICE how the crew member in the middle has a golden circle and not the other two. This is because the crew i picked for my middle seat does not require ANY type of trigger but the crew description shows a bonus ability - it's just built into your crew member nothing more. Some crew may not have any triggers needed but be limited to how many times they can use their bonus ability.



When you activate a trigger - now that picture that was bright and ready like normal - has now been changed to show a golden circle around the picture - this means your going to get your BONUS ability that "NEEDED a TRIGGER"



so we have 4 catagories of "Bonus abilites" awarded from our crew.


one is just a bonus--- no trigger needed. so when they ready- you probably already see the gold circle.. just shows that your going to use bonus ability with them.


Second is based on the Trigger - and we have 3 triggers.


Best part here --------






and that's IT !!


ship ability that grants you cloaking status --- has the icon that looks like an oval with a diagonal line 

ship ability that grants you boarding status --- has the icon that looks like a rectangle with horizontal line

ship ability that grants you positional status --- has the icon that looks like one ship in front of the other ship with arrow behind the front ship 


wish i could take picture for you --- it's the reason why i have not added way more stuff.


Note: i hope after updating the post the picture are a big help. Even if they suck in quality.


so right now.. on my definat.. i go into the fight... i wait 3 seconds an activate my ship ability for accuracy ( Triangulate Phaser arrays ) and then a moment after that --- i see my warp core ready ---- but i HOLD it .... 


now i am comming up to six seconds into the match--- my 3 crew members have now just started glowing showing me i can click them to activate them ...

this is my crew all ready to go - but only one bonus ability available because of lacking the "trigger" to activate the other two

crew at ready




this is when i use my ship ability "Risky Manuver"


the "Positional Status" icon pops up on my screen right under my health bar ( scroll back up to my crappy any blurry picture to see that trigger ) and now my all ready, ready to go crew CHANGE icon status now showing up a GOLDEN circle -- this is when i get my BONUS/TRIGGER ability for them... 


Notice how the two other crew members now have a golden circle unlike before.

crew at bonus ready



I blast all three off and BOOM they die.. during the 3 second spam of death i hit my cloak -- and i stay in that until expire b/c by that time is over--- ALLLLLL my stuff is ready for ROUND 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!  while i have nearly 100% shields...


And one more tip- You can tap multiple seats at the same time if ready. With only 3 seconds of whoop ass -- i dont want to take 2 seconds to press all my buttons so sometimes i use two fingers to tap two of my seats and my a finger on my other hand to tap the third crew member all in tandem. Sometimes i stagger the bonus buff 1, 2, 3 or even 1+2, then 3.


here are my 3 crew for my definat..


com - is section 31 Reed (2 star) -- covert strike ( trigger is positional status - 500% dmg )

security -- is commando crusher (3 star) -- repel disease ( no trigger -- 350% dmg )

security -- is  maquis takeover torres (3 star) -- ( trigger is positional status -- 500% dmg )


so there ya go --- six seconds into the fight i swing out with 1350% all damage bonus right into a cloak status until i have the cooldown ready to go a second time within the same round. 


-- I hope this helps -- 


Ask your fellow captains to show some fleet love and use the [UFP-SF] tag when your out there kicking some ass now.


Pvp has now been unlocked to your brain --- go and look back over ALL your crew and see what have triggers,, what dont--- bla bla bla... and then go look at all the ships in the pvp station section -- and look at all ship abilities and find out what ones grand what "status" 


a LOT of ships grant NO status :(


defiant grants two !!!!



[UFP-SF] Karmaplasticity


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re: This Build above took me to 1st Place in my division


STTL PvP 1st Place

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re: More STTL PvP info


Accuracy vs Defense 

with a 1 to 1 ratio your chance to hit is 70%

with a 2 to 1 ratio your chance to hit is 94%

with a 1 to 2 ratio your chance to hit is 48%


Crit Rating is your chance to deal critical damage when landing a hit.

Rough conversion is divide crit rating by 100. ( not exact )

400 crit rating is 4% chance to deal critical damage when landing a hit.

1200 crit rating is 16% chance to deal critical damage when landing a hit.


Critcal Bonus is how much more damage is dealt when landing a critical hit.

crit bonus values are divided by 10,000 and then added to the base damage of the attack.


Status Triggers.

Positional Status grants 1000 to critical rating


Boarding status grants 50% of your normal damage per second in addition to our normal attack. (damage over time)

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