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re: A Star Trek Online Guide


Hello all,

Having talked about this to Fire Star for a while I have decided to give this a go myself. An updated link can be found here.


Introduction from the guide:

"This guide is meant to help new players to get started in Star Trek Online and it’s meta game. In this guide you will find an explanation of all different aspects of shipbuilding and -flying. Important to note: due to the back-and-forth connection of many shipbuilding aspects, this guide is not meant to be read from the first page to the last. Cross-references serve to guide the player through the information.

The guide is divided into five chapters: the ship, the captain, the bridge crew, ship controls and theory crafting. The first three chapters serve to provide factual information about the different aspects of a ship build. The fourth chapter learns the player how to control his ship and abilities. Secondly, it includes information about keybinding. Lastly, it shows the player how to parse and analyze data. The fifth chapter includes shipbuilding help and mathematical theories about damage calculation."

Pro tip: click the bookmarks in the sidebar! As of version 0.6, the guide now supports bookmarks for all chapters!

Current version: 1.2
See for a link

The link will navigate you to the OneDrive map with the current version. After clicking on the document you can either view it in your browser or click the download button in the top ribbon. The latter option will allow you to use the Table of Contents and hyperlinks in the document.

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